Create A Profit Throttle For Your Business

 You want growth.  You want cash flow.  You want profits.  You want an endless supply of new prospects who want to do business with you.

For this to happen, you have to market smarter.  You have to market more consistently.  And your marketing has to connect with your prospects and influence them to contact you.

Two things stand between you today, and you earning a great deal more in your business;

  1. You making a firm decision to grow… and sticking with that decision, and;
  2. Developing the right strategic marketing plan for your business and integrating specific marketing activities into day-to-day operation.

You’re a business owner.  You know about marketing.  But your real education, experience, and the reason you went into business had nothing to do with marketing.

Yet marketing is the single, non-negotiable skill required to build your business.  Marketing is the only tool powerful enough to make it happen.

Without marketing, products sit on shelves and gather dust, services are not rendered, bonuses are not paid, vacations are not taken, and dreams are not realized.

But not just any kind of marketing will do.

To become the best known, most consistently profitable business of your type in your market area, it takes;

1) a good strategic plan to ensure you continuously reach the right people and deliver a compelling message that gets them excited about doing business with you.

2) that strategic plan must be seamlessly integrated in your day-to-day operation, because without this, you miss an enormous amount of business that can easily be yours.

The key to attract more business, generate more cash flow and become far more profitable is marketing; consistent, strategic, direct-marketingEverything else is a waste of time and resources.

Marketing is not advertising.

Advertising, (radio, television, print, yellow pages, Internet, billboard, etc.), is a subset of marketing, but high-impact, strategic marketing has nothing to do with singing frogs, talking ducks, or billboards and space ads that win creativity awards, but are so lame you’re not sure what they’re trying to sell.

Never confuse marketing with status quo.

Doing what you’ve always done, or doing what everyone always does in your business or profession is not a marketing strategy.

Jump-starting growth and becoming consistently more profitable is a marketing challenge.  And that challenge is NEVER well-met by doing the same old things, or by throwing money at advertising and hoping for the best.

Your an expert in your business.  And that’s the way it’s suposed to be.

Few business owners study marketing.  Fewer still have professional experience developing and implementing high-impact strategic marketing campaigns across a variety of businesses.   Yet the fact remains, marketing is THE skill that separates a business that just survives, from the business that does remarkably well year after year.

The ULTIMATE SECRET to grow your business is to CONSISTENTLY get the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT PROSPECTSAnd this will never happen with common, me-too style marketing.

Develop the right message.  Systematically get your message in front of the right people.  And there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.

This is what direct, strategic marketing is all about.

The bottom line…

The quality and intensity of your marketing determines how much you earn.

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About The Author: Russell J. Martino, Ph.D. is the President of Profit Maker Marketing.  A master copywriter and direct marketing specialist, Russell works with business owners to develop direct marketing strategies that attract customers or clients like flies to honey, and grow your business with speed and certainty.

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