Your Most Powerful Selling Tool – Getting Your Message Right

All marketing boils down to CONSISTENTLY getting the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT MARKETDo this and you win!  The better you do it, the more profitable you become.

But what is the right message for your business?

How do you attract a prospects attention?  How do you keep your prospects’ attention RIVITED to your message?

How do you make your message so compelling your prospect can’t wait to contact you?  How do you get the people you want to do business with to ignore competitors?  And be happy to stand in line to do business with you?

What is the RIGHT message for your business?

  • The right message is customer-focused.
  • The right message is about things IMPORTANT TO YOUR CUSTOMER… their wants, needs, fears and concerns.
  • The right message ANSWERS QUESTIONS any customer would have.
  • The right message HANDLES OBJECTIONS before they come up.
  • The right message DEMONSTRATES YOU UNDERSTAND what your customers want and need

You need a drill, but you want a hole.  And the fact is you don’t want a hole.  You want to display the wonderful family portrait that makes you glow with happiness.  Because it reminds you of how blessed you are to be surrounded by so many people you love and care about.

  • The right message GETS NOTICED.
  • The right message HOLDS ATTENTION.
  • The right message HANDLES OBJECTIONS in advance.
  • The right message IS COMPELLING.  People WANT to respond.
  • The right message CREATES A SENSE OF URGENCY.
  • The right message gives your customer a REASON TO CONTACT YOU right now.
  • The right message offers an incentive to ACT NOW.
  • The right message makes it clear you understand what your prospects wants, fears, needs and concerns.  And makes it’s clear your product or service is the best possible solution for them.

Get the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT PEOPLE and your prospects see you as the only logical choice to do business with.

Developing the right message and getting that message to the right people… is what MARKETING is all about.

The entire purpose of getting your message right is to make sales.

Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves.”

The right message gets things moving.  The right message converts lookers into buyers.  And makes the cash register ring.

With the right message and a way to consistently get that message to the right people… you have a chance to become extremely wealthy running your business.

Your message can be positioned in a variety of ways.  You’re not restricted to just one.  For example;

  • Your message can take the form of an informative webinar, or an interview with you, the expert, offering advice and answering questions.
  • Your message can take the form of a Special Report or Consumer Awareness Guide explaining what to look for and look out for and establishing your authority.
  • Your message can take the form of a revealing expose or documentary… explaining problems and the dire consequences of not solving them.
  • Your message can take the form of a straight-forward, engaging sales presentation any prospective customer or client will appreciate.  

    This is how a manufacturer I was affiliated with did $200 million in sales in 18 months. 

Any business;

  • Manufacturer, distributer, wholesaler, franchisor
  • Contractor, professional practice, professional or non-professional service provider,
  • Sales organization, Business-To-Business,
  • Business-To-Consumer, and so on… can do well with this approach.

Regardless of your business, industry, profession, product or service; from A to Z… get the RIGHT MESSAGE in front of the RIGHT PROSPECTS and your prospects notice and pay attention.

Most of your competitors won’t act on this…

  • They like their logos, slogans and company-focused messages.
  • They mistakenly believe things must be done a certain way in their industry.
  • They are blind to the reality of how much marketing has changed.
  • They are locked in the prison called the comfort zone.
  • They’ve fallen into the trap of putting form above substance.  But customers know better.  We want real value.  We want our problems solved.  We want to know WHY doing business with YOU is in our best interest.  Fluff doesn’t matter.  Logos, slogans, brochures and aware winning-graphics are nice… but they sell nothing.
  • Even though they cost a fortune and sell nothing, most of your competitors believe marketing is about branding and slick brochures done by ‘award winning’ design firms.  They are wrong.
  • They follow bad advice and don’t even know it.
  • They don’t realize how much the market has changed.  And don’t realize how little impact their marketing makes.
  • They don’t understand the tremendous advantage changing from a company-focused to a customer-focused message gives you.  And they don’t know how to make the change.
  • They don’t accept that consumers couldn’t care less about the content of most advertising and marketing messages.
  • They don’t realize having a master presentation to tell their story and deliver a compelling customer-focused message instantly improves response to all advertising.
  • So they keep doing what they’ve always done to get business.  And worry.  Because what they’ve always done doesn’t work as well as it use to.  And they know it.

And while non-adaptors slog along, wishing business was better; companies that embrace this advanced marketing strategy, develop the RIGHT message and consistently get that message to the RIGHT prospects become the new market leaders.

The magic is in the message.

Developing the RIGHT MESSAGE for your business is the single most important thing you can do to attract customers, close sales and have your best years ever in business.

CONSISTENTLY get the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT MARKET and there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.  This is what direct response marketing and direct response copywriting are all about.  And this is how you get everything you need from your business… so you can have everything you want in your life.  This is how I can help you reach your goals.

If you’re ready to transform your message into a Master Presentation that converts lookers into buyers… and gets hoards of good prospects in your sales funnel, contact me.

I’m happy to discuss your situation, answer questions, give you some valuable phone time absolutely free and offer some advice.

And who knows… we may even decide to work together.

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