Russell Martino Exposes Biggest Marketing Myth

by Russell Martino on April 17, 2012

http://www.profitmakermarketing.comRussell Martino here with Profit Maker Marketing.

Today I’m going to bust one of the biggest marketing myths that has ever duped a business owner.

Busting marketing myths is important because myths are based on fantasy, and business runs on pure cause-and-effect reality.

Belief in this marketing myth has sunk millions of businesses and caused millions more to struggle instead of prosper and do only a fraction of the business they could do every year.

As I blow this myth out of the water for you… think about how accepting the seductively simple idea the myth imparts may affect any business, especially yours…  ok… here we go.

This myth was popularized in the Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams.  The theme of the movie and the myth it perpetrates…  build it and they will come…  is responsible for more business struggle and business failure than you can imagine.  Here’s why.

Build it and they will come implies opening a business is all it takes to succeed, it implies the only thing that matters is what the owner wants and what customers want is secondary at best.

Build it and they will come implies it’s the customers’ responsibility to find you… and that when they do find you through some mystical process, they should choose you above all competitors just because you’re there.

Of course this is absurd…  and anyone who’s been in business more than fifteen minutes knows it… so what makes the idea of ‘build it and they will come’ so insidious?  How is it detrimental?  How does the idea of build it and they will come show up and damage businesses that advertise and go out of their way to attract customers?

Here’s your answer…

Build it and they will come mentality leads to marketing and advertising that amounts to little more than announcing a company is in business… and telling potential customers to contact the company immediately, because they are in business and have a cute saying, a building adn a logo.

The build it and they will come marketing mentality focuses on the company and gives a customer no clear reason to do business.  Companies that market this way… and stay in business… succeed in spite of their marketing and advertising not because of it and could do substantially more business with a different approach. Build it and they will come is the myth.

The truth is; the better you understand your customers and speak directly to their wants and needs, the more likely you are to capture their attention in  a meaningful way and have them reaching out to you because you make it clear you understand what they want and you can help them get it better than any other company.

So here’s the bottom line… if you goal is to connect with your prospective customers so effectively they ignore competitors and contact you essentially ready to do business…  focus on your customers, develop messages that engage their emotions and demonstrate you understand what they want and need.

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This is Russell J. Martino reminding you that at Profit Maker Marketing, we take the mystery out of marketing and build lead generation and customer acquisition programs that get results, increase sales and help you reach important goals, possibly years ahead of schedule.

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