Marketing Case Study The Strategy That Saved a Company And Increased Sales From $100k a Year to $100k a Month

by Russell Martino on April 25, 2012

This marketing case study is about the nutritional products manufacturer I helped grow from about one hundred thousand a year in sales, to over a hundred thousand a month in sales.

When we first met, the company was struggling primarily because the owner was thinking and acting tactically and not strategically, which is virtually always a costly mistake.

The company had three fine products that worked best when used together, yet most people just bought one or two and seldom purchased all three, primarily because they didn’t understand the benefits of taking all three products, and there was no special incentive to purchase them in a group.

The strategic solution to start selling all three products was;

  1. stop selling single products;
  2. package all three products into one, three and six month supplies with big savings for larger purchases, and;
  3. produce an informative interview with the owner explaining how the products work and why it’s important to take them together, and send the interview out for free with every order.

Superior Marketing Strategy Produces Superior Reuslts… and better vacations!

The second problem was how to reach an unlimited number of potential customers with virtually no money to spend on advertising.

Prior to working with me, this company sold primarily wholesale to health food stores with limited shelf space and long-standing relationships with well-known manufacturers.

It was functionally impossible for my client to compete toe-to-toe against other manufacturers who do more business each week than he had ever done in a year.

The strategic solution was to change the playing field and redefine the game.

First, we positioned the owner as a nutrition expert, which he was.

Next, using a strategy that generated millions of dollars in free publicity, we took his message directly to the buying public through hundreds of radio interviews with my client appearing as the expert guest.

Initially terrified of doing live radio, he left his comfort zone behind and with a little coaching, pulled off the interviews like a pro, the audience loved him… and millions of dollars in business was conducted without spending a penny on traditional advertising.

But the strategic plan didn’t stop there.

Still wanting distribution through health food stores, radio listeners were given the choice of ordering direct from the manufacturer, or contacting their local health food store and requesting the product.   This approach resulted in his products being sold in most health food stores in many major cities.

Within six months of initiating the new strategy, reorders alone accounted for over $50,000 a month in sales… and still not a cent spent on traditional advertising.

This is just one example of how deciding to grow, thinking strategically, forgetting your comfort zone, and acting purposefully can produce results that exceed any reasonable expectation.

Strategic Planning & Your Business

No one knows your business better than you… but sometimes an outside perspective is valuable.

No one knew the nutrition products business better than the owner of this company, but the idea of selling directly to the public and getting millions of dollars in free publicity never crossed the owners mind, primarily because you can’t do what you don’t know.

The fact that you can’t do what you don’t know explains why solutions and ideas that make the BIGGEST difference often come from outside the company.

The fact that you can’t do what you don’t know is why getting an outside perspective from a marketing expert familiar with hundreds of different marketing strategies across hundreds of industries is just plain smart.

Strategic Analysis

To make it possible for you to have the benefit of the expert perspective of a marketer who’s efforts have generated well over $100 million in business for clients, I developed a consulting product called The Strategic Analysis.

The Strategic Analysis represents the triumph of strategy over randomness and uncertainty.

The Strategic Analysis is often the best first step to eliminate guess-work, jump-start sales, and establish a steady inbound flow of prospects who want to do business with you.

The Strategic Analysis, which is both diagnostic and prescriptive, becomes your business-growth playbook.

You receive a complete strategic analysis of your business; where you are now, where you want to be, what obstacles you face, how to best overcome those obstacles, and much more.

You receive step-by-step guidelines for building your business, including details for implementing a series of custom marketing initiatives to establish new business and cash-flow almost immediately.

The Analysis has nothing to do with suggestions or recommendations.

The Analysis is a Strategic Play Book with Step-by-Step Guide Lines created exclusively for your business to maximize your position in the marketplace, distinguish your business from competitors, establish new sources of revenue, maximize current revenue streams and achieve fast-sustainable growth.

The Strategic Analysis a highly customized, detailed map for building your business with strategies detailed so well, a competent person in your organization may be able to implement them just fine.

After the Analysis is complete, the next steps are;

  1. selecting marketing initiatives detailed in the Analysis;
  2. developing elements needed to implement the strategic initiatives, and;
  3. implementing the initiatives and putting them to work in your business.

Your Strategic Analysis is the business growth blueprint that guides the entire process.

In the case of the nutrition company, rather than have someone else design the marketing elements and guide the process, the owner wanted to move with as much speed and certainty as possible, so he commissioned me to personally design and guide the implementation of each marketing initiative.

Not every client increase sales by a factor of ten in less than a year, but as it turned out, that’s what happened for this client, who went from struggle to millionaire in about two years.  And this case study explains how.

What about your company?

Are you tired of moving at a snail’s pace when you know your potential is so much greater?

Are you tired of reviewing your sales numbers at the end of each month and KNOW they should be higher?

Are you tired of marketing that never works all that well and when it does work you’re not sure why?

Would you enjoy your business more if your marketing delivered consistently excellent results?

Do you acknowledge that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is not reasonable?

Are you serious enough about growing your business to do what the owner of the nutritional products company did and step out of your comfort zone long enough to make a phone call to discuss your situation with a marketing expert who has helped clients generate over $100 million in business?

If you’re serious about growing your business, (the more serious the better), it’ll be a pleasure to hear from you and I guarantee you’ll enjoy the call.

If it turns out we can work together, wonderful.  If for any reason it’s not a good fit, at the very least you’ll have some solid, actionable ideas you can put to work right away.

The best way to reach me is through the 24 hour message center at 888-277-9645.  Leave a message with your contact information and the best time to get back with you… OR… leave me a message in the COMMENT section below, I’ll see the comment and get back with you.  Of course nothing is posted on the site.

If you’re ready grow for real… why not take the first step now and contact me at 888-277-9645 or leave me a message with your contact information in the COMMENT section below.   I take the mystery out or marketing.

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