Direct Response Copywriting & Direct Response Marketing Are The Most Powerful Tools You Have To Sell More Of Your Product or Service

Russell Martino produces high-impact, direct response copywriting and response pulling advertising copywriting.You want to do more business.  You want better cash flow. You want bigger rewards for the precious time and energy you pour into your business.

More business; More profit; More free time; More satisfaction… this can all be yours if you develop the RIGHT MESSAGE and consistently get that message to the right people.

Transforming your message into a compelling presentation that rivets attention, engages interest, establishes your authority and makes an offer so compelling it simply MUST be acted on is what direct response copywriting is all about.

 Most Sales Messages Are Weak & Boring    Avoid This Tactical Marketing Trap!

Most marketing and advertising is purely tactical.  And most marketing and advertising woefully underperforms compared to what can be done. Tactical marketing messages are all about the company or the product.  Tactical messages give basic information; name, address, phone number, photo, slogan, and so on. Tactical messages ignore the most important questions every serious prospect has.

  • Why should I pay attention to your message?
  • Why should I give you even one second of my precious time?
  • What makes you different from any business with the same product or service? 
  • Why should I care?
  •  Why is doing business with you so strongly in my best interest I’d be crazy not to?

Ignore those questions and you sound just like everyone hawking their wares. Answer these questions and you stand out.  Your prospects pay attention.  You distinguish yourself from competitors.  You demonstrate authority.  You are seen as an expert. Answer these questions well, and consistently get your message to the right people, and you could become the dominant business of your type in your market area.

Direct Response Copywriting Is About the Customer…

Direct marketing involves getting the RIGHT MESSAGE to the right market.

The right message is interesting and emotionally engaging.

The right message holds your prospects attention.

The right message makes your prospect feel like you understand them better than anyone.

The right message establishes your authority.

The right message gets people you want to do business with… to realize for themselves that doing business with you is strongly in their best interest.

Get the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT MARKET and your business grows.  Your prospects get excited about doing business with you before you ever speak with them.

When the message is right, your best prospects contact you essentially ready to do business. Direct response copywriting is about creating the right message for your business. A message so engaging and compelling, your prospects contact.

Copywriting this powerful requires a deep understanding of your product or service.  And a deep understanding of; 1) who your ideal prospects are; 2) what they really want, (it’s never a product or service), 3) their fears, worries and concerns; 4) why they buy, and; 4) what compels them to act.  

Only with this depth of understanding can your message be made compelling enough for your prospects to have that magic “a ha” moment… an epiphany where THEY DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES that YOU and YOUR product or service is right for them.

Once your prospect has that magic-moment and decides doing business with YOU is exactly right for them, they are delighted.  They’re happy they found you.  They’re excited about doing business with you.  And contact you essentially ready to buy. The right message…

  • Speaks directly to your prospect.
  • Sees the world through their eyes.
  • Establishes your authority.  We like dealing with experts.
  • Answers questions.
  • Handles objections.
  • Puts fears and concerns to rest.
  • Demonstrates you understand their situation.
  • Shows why and how your product or service is the best possible solution for them.
  • Provides proof.
  • Distinguishes you from competitors.
  • Demonstrates you are the genuine article, putting you in a category of one.

Accomplish this and your prospects decide for themselves doing business with you is strongly in their best interest, they’d be crazy not to.  So they contact you. Crafting these kind of powerful messages is what direct response copywriting is all about.

Legendary copywriter Claude Hopkins defined copywriting as salesmanship in print.

Whether in print, video or online, direct response copywriting is about selling.

Copywriting is about connecting with prospects and getting prospects to contact you.

Copywriting is about crafting the messages that get your best prospects to WANT your product or service.

The better you connect with your prospects the more they realize doing business with you is the right for them. Great sales copy makes that connection. My objective for clients is to develop powerful messages that;

  1. engage your prospects;
  2. connect emotionally;
  3. provide compelling reasons why doing business with you is strongly in their best interest, and;
  4. get your prospects to take the next step… which is join your list, buy your product or contact you.

Results speak for themselves.

A full-page ad I wrote for a client published in a local newspaper resulted in over $100,000 in sales over about five weeks. The second time the ad ran results were almost identical.  ROI on the campaign was 12 to 1. The previous ad barely broke even.  The new ad brought in $200,000+ in business.

Get the message right and things happen.  This alone can stimulate a flood of inquiries and sales.

Another client with a big-ticket item had poured money into radio ads for months.  And never made a sale.   The new ads hauled in $108,000 in business over 12 weeks. The ROI was 14 to 1.  

Another client wanted to reach a small group of prospects. I developed a video and sales letter that went to 68 people. $200,000 in business was done the first week.  The letter and video eventually hauled in over a million dollars in sales. The ROI was astronomical.

This is the kind of persuasive power you command when you develop the right message and get that message to enough of the right people.

Developing persuasive messages that get people excited about doing business with you is one way I serve clients.  This is one way I can help you grow, a service that helps you get everything you need from your business so you can have everything you want in your life.

The Bottom Line…

If you want your message to stand out in the sea of marketing mediocrity, if you want your message to grab attention and bring your prospects on a ride the ends with them excited about doing business with you… I can help.

The key to building your business is to CONSISTENTLY get the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT PROSPECTS.  This is how to build a business.  This is how to earn a fortune.  This is how you win.

If you’re ready to transform your message into a Master Sales Presentation that converts lookers into buyers… and if you’re ready to get that message in to a constant stream of good prospects, and get thee good prospects in your sales funnel, contact me. I’m happy to discuss your situation, answer your questions, give you some valuable phone time. And who knows… we may even decide to work together. 24 hour message service: 281-487-5876 email: