Digital-Marketing-Traffic-And-ConversionI recently attended the Digital Marketer Traffic & Conversion event in San Diego, California.  Wow what an event!  

From list-building and re-targeting pixels to email open rates and copy writing, Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, Richard Lindner and everyone who presented at Traffic & Conversion did a great job and delivered excellent content.

Ryan Deiss & Perry Belcher CRUSHED IT at the Digital Marketer Event!

I took nearly 70 pages of notes and had long conversations with other business owners.

After this digital marketing extravaganza, two things are clear; 1) technology is a double-edged sword that can HELP or HURT your business depending several issues, and; 2) marketing has come full circle.

How to Transform Your Online Presence into a Non-Stop Lead-Generating, List-Building Evergreen Profit Making Machine is a 9-page pdf I wrote after the event.

This discussion is a deep dive on how technology can make or break you online.  Plus I reveal 3 critical factors that determine how successful you will be and how much you will earn on  online.  Enjoy!

Grab your copy here:  Evergreen Profit Making Machine


Persuasion in Print – How to Make Your Sales Copy Instantly More Effective

If you’re in business, at least in part, to earn more and have more free time than you’d ever have otherwise, this is for you.

Whether you sell professional services or tangible products, what you’re about to discover works. And it works for all price points from $10 to $100,000 plus. Apply this, and you will sell more.

Fact #1: Without sales you go broke, which makes selling the most important activity in your business.

Fact #2: Selling is about persuasion. It’s about getting someone who can benefit from what you sell, to decide your product or service is perfect for them, so they buy it from you.

Fact #3: The more persuasive your copywriting the more you sell. Persuasive sales copy sells circles around average copy.

Fact #4: Most sales copy is average at best, which means improving your Web copy, sales copy, product offers, auto-responder copy, marketing pieces and so on is the fastest way to capture your prospects attention and sell more.

Legendary copywriter Claude Hopkins said, to capture your prospects attention, you must ENTER THE CONVERSATION GOING ON IN THEIR MIND.

But how do you know what’s on your prospects mind?

Odds are they’re a lot like you and me.   They think about their problems, worries and concerns. They think about hopes and dreams.

Some are upset because dreams haven’t come true. Others are excited because they have.  Some think about what they want.  Others think about what they want to avoid.   But regardless of what they’re thinking about, one thing is certain.

Your prospects are not thinking about companies, products, slogans, logos or jingles.

And until they decide you have something they want, they don’t care about hours of operation, how long you’ve been in business or anything even remotely like that.

Your prospects care about themselves. They care about their pain, problems, success and happiness.  They care about their family, their health and their bank balance.  They are their own favorite subject.  And that’s what’s on their mind.

People who buy pain cream aren’t thinking about pain cream. They’re thinking about the fact that they hurt.  Pain is aggregating.  It can be debilitating.  It’s not productive.  They want the pain to stop. And they want it to stop now.

If you sell pain cream, the message that gets noticed is not: Buy our great pain cream with the cool logo and 27 FDA approved ingredients.

The massage that gets noticed is; REAL PAIN RELIEF IN SECONDS GUARANTEED – New non-prescription, doctor-formulated cream banishes pain on contact.  You’ll feel better fast!

If you sell professional service, the conversation in your prospects head is not about you, your qualifications, how long you’ve been in business or anything like that.  Your prospect has a problem. They want a solution.  Solving that problem and getting what they want is what’s on their mind.

Here’s an actual CASE STUDY for you.  A real example of what can happen when you get this right.

For years the law firm had attracted personal injury clients by mailing accident victims letters. But new client signups had ground almost to a halt because so many other firms were mailing.

When I was called in, if you had a fender bender anywhere in Harris County Texas, which includes the city of Houston, your mail box was flooded with letters from law firms the very next day.

My client’s letters were lost in a sea of others that all looked and sounded the same; all about the firm, 25 years in business, board certified attorneys, proudly serving clients, and so on, with no information that made the firm stand out and no information any accident victim would find useful.

This kind of ‘praise the company – forget the customer’ marketing is so common I often marvel that anyone sells anything.  The good news is, company-centered marketing can be fixed, and the results are often dramatic.

How entering the conversation in your prospect’s mind earned my client almost $2 million in fees.

The fix for the law firm was easy. I wrote a 4-page Special Report titled, Tricks & Traps Insurance Companies Use to Cheat Accident Victims out of Their Lawful Settlement. The report was printed on bright yellow paper and sent as a self-mailer, (no envelope), instead of the other letter.

Tricks & Traps is all about the accident victim. It speaks directly to accident victims’ wants and fears. It gives valuable information. It identifies problems accident victims face, and offers a solid solution.

Results were instantaneous.

New client signups surged from 3-4 a month to 5-7 a week. Over the next 18 months, this strategy brought the firm just shy of two million dollars in fees from low-dollar, soft-tissue personal injury cases.

This is the profit secret revealed!

Make all your messages, online and off, about your customers, not about your company or product, because no one wants products or services, we want problems solved, good results and positive outcomes.

Practical Application

Go through your Web site copy, sales copy, marketing copy, every page, reorient your message, and make it all about your customer. This single change may result in an immediate jump in sales.

Done correctly, this is one of the simplest and most effective things you can do sell more of whatever it is you sell. From elective medical procedures and financial services, to any product you can name at any price point, including yours… this strategy works.

If you find this profit secret helpful, please share it with anyone you like.

For more detailed information, take a look at this; The Right Message For Your Business

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